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Trainz Driver - train driving game and realistic railroad simulator

iPhoneアプリ『Trainz Driver - train driving game and realistic railroad simulator』の詳細情報です。『Trainz Driver - train driving game and realistic railroad simulator』のカスタマーレビューや類似アプリを検索できます。

価格 360円
開発 N3V Games Pty Ltd
販売元 N3V Games Pty Ltd
カテゴリ ゲーム
バージョン 1.1.4
サイズ 384.39MB
リリース日 2012年08月01日
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GET MORE POWER IN YOUR POCKET with the original Trainz Driver simulation!

***Make sure you also check out our newest version: Trainz Driver 2 with World Builder.***

Drive your favorite trains in an incredibly realistic 3D world in Trainz Driver.

Choose from realistic routes and arcade style sessions - there is something here for everyone aged 4 to 104!

Easy to use interface designed for your phone and iPad. Based upon world's favorite train simulator, Trainz Driver is one of the top ranked Simulation and Family Apps around the world.

With thousands of 5 star reviews, here's just a little of what our many fans are saying...

***** by Michael Davis

Great family game - Me and my son love this game. It's a good time cruising around. Even the tutorials are fun.

***** by Puzzing1
Awesome - Amazing simulator !!! Best train game that I have played and a large selection of trains

***** by IceyFC
Awesome game!!! Easy to use and great for passing time.

***** by Alistair McLennan

Very Good App - This is an excellent app, they have managed to make it so that its easy to use on the screen size for an iPhone while still maintaining the functions that you need.

***** by William5070

Awesome! - This is best trainz simulater I've ever seen!

***** by lilburnlad

Fantastic - Great app for all ages.

***** by Anthlis
Mint! - Trains don't normally do it for me but this game has turned me into an e-railway hobbyist. Great graphics, user interface and training flow. I have paid more for less than this; great value. There hasn't been a game since Flight Contrl that has kept me addicted for so long.

***** by DACK2k

5 stars! - Love it! Great UI and has quickly become my favorite app!

***** by Kellie Smith

Love it - Easy to use very enjoyable

***** by Hazzard2631

Well deserved 5 star - Brilliant game and also a must have. Amazing value for money

Trainz Driver puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives from around the world. Choose from the "Easy Mode" speed controls, or the more advanced "Realistic Mode" control system. With multiple camera modes you can fly alongside your favourite train, admire the view from the cab, or watch from trackside all while you interact with industries and passenger stations, picking up and dropping off freight wagons, people, and more!

New content being released all the time - check out the Steam Engines in the "Extra Content" menu.

Expand your experience: You can also create your own Routes and Sessions in Trainz Simulator for iPad (available for separate purchase on the App Store) and then share them with Trainz Driver users through our Download Station. Hundreds of user-created routes are already available, free to download.

It's time to pack all that horsepower in your pocket and take Trainz Driver with you everywhere you go.


iOS 8 support, minor bug fixes


App Storeカスタマーレビュー

  • バックアップ

    レビュー: 147852まさきバージョン: 1.1.4


  • 見て聴いて楽しむ ★★★★★

    レビュー: 九州人物バージョン: 1.1.4


  • いいねー ★★★★★

    レビュー: ジョバジョークバージョン: 1.1.4


  • 起動しない

    レビュー: rcさhyvバージョン: 1.1.3

    iPhoneをアップデートしたら全く起動しなくなった 早く改善してください。

  • 楽しいww ★★★

    レビュー: 名無しさんは行くバージョン: 1.1.3

    普通に運転したり、事故を起こしたり、音を楽しんだり。 日本語対応お願いします。あと、追加データダウンロードできません。直してくれれば☆5です。

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