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Grid Diary Classic

iPhoneアプリ『Grid Diary Classic』の詳細情報です。『Grid Diary Classic』のカスタマーレビューや類似アプリを検索できます。

価格 無料
開発 Sumi Interactive
販売元 Xiamen Sumi Network Technology Co., Ltd.
カテゴリ ライフスタイル
バージョン 4.2.6
サイズ 85.50MB
リリース日 2013年02月11日
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NOTICE: A new generation of Grid Diary has been released, and this version will stop updating on June 31, 2019. Please visit https://diary-help.sumi.io/migrate-from-classic/ to learn more.


アップルトア トップページ 人気アプリおすすめ!
これは誘導てきな日記で、事前に設定された質問を通し- InsideMobileApps



• 新たな日記様式
• 創作ヒント質問庫
• 写真添付可能  
• 閱読モデル
• 全文検索    
• バックアップとリストア
• Cloud input
• Record daily number of steps and calorie consumption(via HealthKit)

• 各設備同期(iCloud Drive.Dropbox.WebDAV対応)
• 各種の形式でエクスポート可能
• 注意を与える
• パスコード
• フォントを好きに設定可能
• 夜間モデル
• 印象日記とDropboxにエクスポート可能
• テキストの書式設定ツール

Pro is available in two pricing models:

1. $4.99 for one time purchase
2. $1.99 monthly subscription

Please note that price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.



* ウェブサイト
* Facebook
* Twitter


Privacy Policy: https://griddiaryapp.com/support/privacy
Terms of Service: https://griddiaryapp.com/support/terms


A quick fix for crash on launch for some users.
More bug fixes in on the way.



Grid Diary Classic is now retired

Grid Diary was launched in early 2013 as a paid app. We consistently rolled out free updates, feature upgrades, and customer support for over 6 years.

In January 2019, Grid Diary 2 was released as a brand-new app. We spent over 2 years on new UI design, rewriting every line of code in Swift, building our own sync server… to create the brand-new Grid Diary. Believe it or not, the more we afraid to die out like the small outstanding product (without a steady income to support everlasting development), the more we work hard and value our users.

This app is now renamed to Grid Diary Classic. Users are still able to download it from the App Store. It remains mostly functional, but as software services such as iOS, iCloud, Dropbox change and update, we can no longer keep this legacy app functional.

At this time we recommend transitioning off of Grid Diary Classic into Grid Diary 2 on iOS. Grid Diary 2 was made a free download, and allow users to import their data from Grid Diary Classic at no cost. There is a membership upgrade option via subscription for users that want sync, passcode lock, color themes, and many other new features. We are also offering a 6-month free trial for pro users.

The new subscription model in Grid Diary 2 allows us to continue updating this single version indefinitely. We will never release a new, separate app, all future updates and upgrades will be part of this app binary.

Some of you may be surprised by this change. But it’s the result of a long-term discussion about how to put Grid Diary’s development, and the future of our small team, on a sustainable foundation.

We feel this is best for our users and for the future of Grid Diary. We believe that it will be a life company for you and we want to be around as long as you are to store your memories.

Please visit https://diary-help.sumi.io/migrate-from-classic/ to learn more,feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kevin Cao


App Storeカスタマーレビュー

  • 開けるようになりました! ★★★★★

    レビュー: てなてなバージョン: 4.2.6

    対応ありがとうございます! やっぱり使いやすいです。

  • 使いやすい ★★★

    レビュー: Oct0331バージョン: 4.2.4

    項目を作っておくだけでこんなに日記を書くのが楽になるとは意外でした。 内容を書いた項目だけ出力時に表示されるのも秀逸。UIのデザインも洗練されてて好きです。 Evernoteへの書き出しで上書きと新規が選べるのも良いですね。 600円は迷う金額ですが、使い続けられそうなのでプロ版にしました。 2019/01/23追記 GridDiary2の方は評判悪いので違うアプリに移行します。3年間ありがとう。

  • 久々に開いてみたけど ★★★

    レビュー: 540円バージョン: 4.2.4

    何回やってもアプリ起動しません、、 改善していただければと思います。

  • アプリが起動しない

    レビュー: 早期対応求むバージョン: 4.2.4


  • Fix pls

    レビュー: DyuhaLeeバージョン: 4.2.4

    Can’t even open the app now.

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