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North Windford ~ Sleep Relax Meditate

iPhoneアプリ『North Windford ~ Sleep Relax Meditate』の詳細情報です。『North Windford ~ Sleep Relax Meditate』のカスタマーレビューや類似アプリを検索できます。

価格 無料
開発 Franz Bruckhoff
販売元 Franz Bruckhoff
カテゴリ ヘルスケア/フィットネス
バージョン 2.2
サイズ 20.63MB
リリース日 2014年04月26日
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Join over 5 million extraordinary people who enjoy some of the highest quality wellness apps in the world. You deserve nothing less.

Sleep, focus and relax in North Windford, Windy's beautiful home town! This is the light version of Windy.

Enjoy the psychoacoustic 3D sound recorded on a stormy, freezing cold December evening. Experience North Windford's motion-controlled 3D parallax scenery. And if it's not sounding cold enough, blend in some icy rain on tent sounds.

≈ In The Media ≈

"Having used Thunderspace previously, I expected a good audio experience and I got one. Wind moves from left to right, right to left, hovers overhead. Sometimes a gust seems far away to the right, other times it's whipping just overhead. It's cool that you can often hear what the wind is carrying, too." — Dave Caolo, TUAW

"I’m absolutely loving the wind sounds." — Christine Chan, AppAdvice

Wind is invisible. Unpredictable. Powerful. Soothing. Playful. Inspiring. It represents purity. It clears our mind. It helps us focus. And above all, it can mask unwanted noise.

≈ Features ≈

+ Natural wind recorded on a stormy December evening with occasional subtle rain under an umbrella.
+ Mix in some extra icy rain on a tent if you don't feel cold enough ;)
+ Psychoacoustic 3D audio optimized for Apple EarPods & headphones.
+ Motion controlled multi-plane 3D parallax scene matching the wind recording (you can disable motion control).
+ Universal app optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

≈ Questions? ≈

Tweet @taptanium, email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page.


+ Enhanced Sleep Timer.
+ Deep integration with Flow, the fantastic new sequel to Windy, Sunny & Away: Add flowing water soundscapes & guided meditation to your collection!
+ Reduced energy consumption.
+ Bugfixes.

Enjoying North Windford? Please consider upgrading to Windy. You'll love it.
P.s. Every review counts. Let me know what you think. I read them all <3


App Storeカスタマーレビュー

  • 睡眠導入アプリ ★★★★★

    レビュー: アヤパぱぱバージョン: 2.0.1


  • cool ★★★★

    レビュー: 七草2010バージョン: 2.0.1

    be good.

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